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Cambridge’s Trusted Wisdom Teeth Removal Dental Clinic

Wisdom teeth removal is common for Cambridge teens and young adults. Cambridge Centre Dental Care’s dentists are well versed in assisting patients with this procedure to relieve discomfort and avoid additional pain and damage from wisdom teeth growing in. The average adult has a total of 32 teeth when they reach 18 years of age. The average adult human’s mouth only has room for 28 teeth, and 32 teeth trying to fit inside can be painful and cause severe issues. The four extra teeth are your wisdom teeth, which are your third molars. Complications from their attempted eruption are very common and require the professional skills of caring dental surgeons like us to extract them and preserve your oral health.


Reasons to Remove Wisdom Teeth

They don’t have to be extracted when the gum tissue is healthy and the teeth are in proper alignment. This doesn’t typically happen, so removing them becomes necessary if they can’t erupt properly in your mouth. In an effort to find their way from the bone to erupt, your impacted wisdom teeth can take different positions. When they’re positioned poorly, the impacted teeth can cause a multitude of issues. Partially erupted teeth can allow bacteria to grow in the opening surrounding the teeth that will result in an infection. Patients can experience symptoms including pain, stiffness, swelling, and even illness. The pressure of erupting teeth can move other teeth out of alignment, as well. The most severe issue happens when cysts or tumors develop around your impacted wisdom teeth. This scenario leads to destroying the jawbone and your other healthy teeth. We can resolve these issues by simply removing the impacted teeth.

Schedule an Oral Exam to Check Your Teeth

The dental staff at Cambridge Centre Dental Care can evaluate your wisdom teeth using x-rays and through oral examinations. We can check their position and predict any present or future issues. Studies indicate that by conducting evaluations and treatments early, you’ll have a better outcome for your condition. We’ll start evaluating your wisdom teeth in your mid-teenage years. To schedule your appointment for an oral exam, give us a call today for service with compassion.

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