Teeth Whitening

July 11, 2016

Now that summertime is upon us, the need for teeth whitening  has never been more prominent. 


Scaling and teeth whitening are both common options and with the help of the good people at Cambridge Dental Centre , you can avoid all the issues that are associated with progressively darkening teeth. In addition to the sun, the foods we eat and the beverages we consume tend to play a major role in the appearance of our teeth.


Those who drink coffee or tea to start their day each morning are commonly susceptible to darkened teeth, as well as those who use tobacco products. While there are store bought products that may be able to alleviate the issue, these over the counter purchases are simply no substitute for the level of service that a professional can provide.


These products are not able to discern between the different types of stains that teeth incur. Knowing the difference between extrinsic stains (also known as surface stains) and intrinsic stains (the ones on the inside of the tooth) is important and Zoom Teeth Whitening at Cambridge dental centre has the experience and know how to discern these crucial dissimilarities.


Surface stains are able to be removed during the course of a normal dental appointment, by a trained hygienist. Most of the popular tooth whitening kits that you will find on the open market focus on these stains exclusively. Customers who do not read the fine print and only focus on the seal of approval from the Canadian Dental Association do not realize that these products do very little to treat the stains that lurk just below the surface.


Internal stains must be treated by a professional. These stains tend to be removable by bleaching, but this is not a technique that any of our clients should attempt to try at home. The process does not involve the usage of any household cleaners that you will find under the sink and special gels can be prescribed by your dentist that have the ability to treat the stains below the surface, in addition to the cumbersome stains that look back at you in the mirror every morning.


If you have any additional questions about teeth whitening, be sure to contact Cambridge Dental Centre in Burlington. They will be happy to respond to all of your queries and provide you with a thorough plan for getting your teeth whiter during the coming months. Otherwise, you could end up with a mouth that does not match the rest of your body by the time summer is out. 


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